IOR/EOR – White Glove Delivery – Value added services

The reliable network for trade facilitation and white glove delivery services.

Collaborate with the right partners for effective communication and shared expertise in full compliance.

Are you facing a higher requests rate for IOR/EOR, white gloves delivery & value added services ?

Expand & connect with the right Business Partners

Don’t compete, be different : Connect with the right people

The world is in constant movement, sometimes changing too fast to tackle the new challenges alone. Covid period showed us all that flexibility and quick decision is key. By connecting with the right partners your company can expand quickly and ensure a quality of service.

3 main reasons to join NXT-Global : 


Collaboration is no longer optional

By joining NXT-Global, your company gains access to a vast network of reliable and trustworthy international partners. Expand your services beyond your local market and tap into new business opportunities globally.


Enhanced credibility

Company’s credibility and reputation in the industry is key. A network’s established reputation and global reach can help to increase the trust of potential customers, leading to more business opportunities.


Create opportunities where the needs are

Access to new business opportunities and grow your customer database by expanding your market reach.  The network also provides marketing and advertising support to promote the member’s services to potential clients.

NXT-Global - IOR-EOR-Freight-china-Hong-Kong-Forwarder-transpotation

Limited spots per country
Maximize Business potential through powerful partnerships

What profile are we looking for to join NXT-Global?

NXT-Global is more than
a freight forwarder’s network

NXT-Global members provide extensive services including IOR/EOR, White glove delivery & Moving

The strength of Trade Facilitation combined with white glove delivery service

All members should be comfortable with acting as importer/or exporter. Importer of Records (IOR) and Exporter of Records (EOR) are critical components of international trade. Trade faciliation involves clearing under your name as a local partner to facilitate international trade. This improves customer’s experience.

Freight forwarders global expertize and value added service

Offering special care and assistance for the first & last mile delivery service is becoming a must-have to satisfy clients. Find the right business partners and join forces to accomplish excellence. It takes time to find reliable partners, clients don’t want to wait for a quote. Be part of NXT-global to enhance your chances.

Nxt Global Community

Be part of NXT-Global to increase your revenue and global connections

Join the NXT-Global community

Market research shows knowing the right partners increase your business growth. Business connections take time to build and grow. Give your company the best chance by joining the right network. NXT-Global gathers like-minded companies to streamline operations by reducing the time and resources required and helping to ensure regulatory compliance. IOR/EOR is one of the niches we tackle. NXT-Global is not a classic Freight Forwarding network. Most requests are rather specialized and challenging but also more profitable and rewarding. 

Is your company struggling to find the right partners ? Save your ressource and join NXT-Global . 


In addition, we also provide and tackle the 4 basic needs of a network:

Difficulty to have
a worldwide reach

You find it difficult to connect with the right partners worldwide and this might slowdown your business growth?

No time or budget to open overseas branches

Developing its own branches requires investments, energy and finding the right people without being sure of the result.

Lack of flexibility
and assets

Leading to a loss of clients, a decrease of your revenue provoking a vicious circle affecting your development.

Uncertainty of the quality
of the service level

Quality is key, it comes from communication, speed, process and trust. How to bring reassurance?

Coming together is a beginning.

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success.

Henry Ford